What We Do

GJB Consulting LLC ("GJBC") provides full-service government relations, procurement and media consulting as well as strategic representation before federal, state, and local governments and other decision-making bodies. Our services are expertly designed to meet the evolving and rapidly changing needs of our clients.

In order to prosper in today's competitive and increasingly political commercial environment, business organizations must operate effectively. This often requires interaction with government as well as the media. We have acted, with equal success, as both a member of the client's team as well as an intermedian transmitting and analyzing critical information received from and provided to government entities.

At GJBC we remain active and involved in political processes to foster relationships with a wide array of departments and agencies, not dependent on a particular political affiliation, to enable us to have access to the key decision makers. Our relationships focus on state and local government, Congress, the U.S. Senate, the White House, and numerous key executive departments and agencies.

GJBC recognizes the many billions of dollars of growing demand by government for products and services marketed by private sector companies. We represent a diverse array of businesses from equipment manufacturers to software developers and technology integrators to architects, engineers and general contractors. Successful businesses in the procurement arena depend on competent and professional representation by those with a keen understanding of private sector products and government needs.

Our team is experienced in public policy, new program development, political campaigns and fundraising, regulatory matters, crisis management, and business strategy and implementation for the public and private sector. We represent clients with needs in :

  • Procurement & Bids Protest & Appeal
  • Public Transportation/Transit
  • Regulation & Enforcement
  • Insurance/Healthcare
  • Lobbying/Advocacy
  • Municipal Representation
  • Financial Services
  • Licensing/Enforcement
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Infrastructure & Projects Advisory
  • Elections & Referendums
  • Political Campaigns - (Candidate & Issue)

GJBC has achieved exceptional results in public procurement and provides full service marketing and sales services including advice on barriers-to-entry, new market strategies, maximizing sales and the identification and creation of appropriate contracting vehicles. We will pursue a project, targeted agenda or program and intercede on our clients' behalf to present the optimal value paradigm and the best business and public benefit case.

Beyond providing key governmental access and expertise, GJBC maintains relationships with both financial services and legal professionals. These arrangements allow GJBC to benefit from its relationship with our separate but affiliated law firm, Genovese, Joblove & Battista, P.A. Through this relationship, our clients may obtain representation in a number of legal matters including complex litigation, receiverships, insolvency, regulatory approvals and enforcement, investigations and inquiries, securities matters, employment and labor, municipal representation, franchising and eminent domain.

Please send an email to Al Maloof if you would like more information about the Governmental Affairs practice.

Al Maloof
Managing Director