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Daily Business Review: January 8, 2019

John Genovese Minds the Past to Tend to His Firm’s Future

Daily Business Review: December 11, 2018

D.R. Horton Left Defects, Cash-Strapped Miami-Dade Association, Lawsuit Says

Sun Sentinel: November 29, 2018

When will ‘scam’ invention marketing firm’s victims start getting refunds?

Miami Herald: November 8, 2018

Cleaned out:’ Miami’s famed King of Diamonds strip club has been shut down

Daily Business Review: November 1, 2018

City Faces Third Lawsuit Over Delayed Midtown Boca Development

Attorney At Law: October 17, 2018

Allison R. Day: Beyond the Glass Ceiling

Franchise Times: September 19, 2018

NLRB Rollback a Return ‘to the Land of Sanity’

Daily Business Review: September 12, 2018

Settlement Reached in Litigation Over Controversial Fashion Mall Project in Broward

The Daily Business: August 21, 2018

Hurricane-Damaged Lauderdale Hotel Sells for $39 Million During Construction

Law360: August 17, 2018

Half-Built Fla. Resort’s $39M Sale Gets Court Approval

The Real Deal: July 12, 2018

Fort Lauderdale hotel project to head to auction with $39M stalking horse bid

Sun Sentinel: 5/25/2018

FTC: South Florida robocall ‘scam’ threatened businesses with removal from Google search

Florida Bulldog: 5/2018

$80 million Pompano debt-relief scam: First of $32 million in seized assets auctioned off

South Florida Legal Guide: 5/2018

Attorney-Client Privilege Is Far from Dead

Sun Sentinel: 3/22/2018

Luxury cars, waterfront home up for auction from alleged debt relief fraud case

FIU: News: 11/6/2017

Genovese Joblove & Battista commissions heroic soldier statue for Felsberg Veterans Plaza at FIU

Daily Business Review: 8/29/2017

Miami Judge Halts Alleged $26M Scam Targeting Inventors

Daily Business Review: 7/17/2017

How Attorneys Saved a Miami Gardens HOA — Before Getting It $11 Million

Law360: 7/12/2017

DR Horton Reaches $11M Deal with Bankrupt Fla. Community

South Florida Legal Guide: 7/2017

Technology, Healthcare, Infrastructure Offer Growth Opportunities

Daily Business Review: 5/30/2017

Receiver Digs Into Alleged $50M Debt Relief Scam

Daily Business Review: 5/10/2017

Regions Bank Must Cough Up Attorney-Client Communications in Check-Kiting Case

NBC News: 4/6/2017

Accused Scammer Seeks to Have His Assets Unfrozen

Miami Herald: 3/16/2017

FTC says invention-promotion scam bilked consumers out of $10 million

Law360: 2/13/2017

Genovese Joblove Nabs Conrad Scherer Class Litigator

South Florida Legal Guide: 1/5/2017

Deciding Who Decides: The Roles of Judges and Arbitrators in Deciding Whether Conditions Precedent to Arbitration Have Been Satisfied or Waived

Daily Business Review: 1/3/2017

The Road to Recovery: How a Law Firm Tracked Down Ponzi Schemer’s Lost Funds

Miami Herald: 12/13/2016

Victims of Ponzi scheme that targeted religious Haitian Americans will receive $4.6 million

Miami Herald: 12/9/2016

This retiree lost his life savings to a Ponzi scheme. Now he’s losing his home

Sun-Sentinel: 12/8/2016

Ponzi scheme investors to get $4.6 million in restitution

Sun Sentinel: 11/10/2016

What does S. Florida’s business community think of Trump’s election?

Daily Business Review: 11/7/2016

Janet Reno Dies After Long Battle with Parkinson’s

Daily Business Review: 10/31/2016

Developer Ordered to Pay $16.3M for Leaving New Residential Community a Total Mess

Miami Today: 10/25/2016

New Metrorail cars from Hitachi beginning their tests New Metrorail cars from Hitachi beginning their tests

South Florida Legal Guide 2016 Financial Edition

Putting Knowledge and ‘People Skills’ to Work

Daily Business Review: 10/4/2016

Bill Promises to Meet Infrastructure Needs of State, Local Governments

Daily Business Review: 9/1/2016

Rare Full Repayment Achieved in Nursing Home Bankruptcy

Daily Business Review: 8/24/2016

Bank to Pay $9M to Settle Case Over Check-Kiting Customers

Financial Times: 8/16/2016

PwC on trial for not spotting $2.9bn fraud

Daily Business Review: 8/11/2016

Real Estate Developer Latest to Be Sued Over Doomed Fashion Mall

Miami Today News: 8/9/2016

Miami-Dade MPO gives Beach Corridor project Priority 1 status

Daily Business Review: 7/29/2016

Genovese Stumbled on an Opportunity in Bankruptcy Law and Flourished

Miami Herald: 7/29/2016

Largest Lawsuit Against an Auditor Goes to Court for $5.5 Billion

The Street: 6/19/2016

How Bad Financial Advice Can Literally Make You Sick

Daily Business Review: 5/7/2016

Denial of Bankruptcy Reorganization Opens the Door to Acquisition of Defunct Mall

NBC 6 News: 4/6/2016

Ponzi Scheme Victims Face Deadline to Recover Some Losses

Urban Land Magazine: 2/9/2016

U.S. Treasury Looking at Cash Buyers of Luxury Homes in New York, Miami

Law360: 1/21/2016

Judge Orders Arrest Of Fla. Jeweler In $12M Investor Row

South Florida Business Journal: 1/13/2016

MONEY LAUNDERING: Feds moves to strip secrecy from cash real estate deals in Miami

Law360: 1/11/2016

High Court Won’t Review Bankruptcy ‘Fees-On-Fees’ Ruling

Palm Beach Post: 11/19/2015

Judge to Lake Park Jeweler: Turn Over Documents or go to Jail

Daily Business Review: 11/18/2015

Churromania Rolling Out U.S. Franchise Operation

Sun Sentinel: 11/12/2015

New Company Pledges to Serve Univita Customers

Miami Herald: 11/8/2015

To Grow Public-Private Partnerships, Miami-Dade Needs Greater Buy-In From Corporate Players

South Florida Business Journal: 9/14/2015

EXCLUSIVE: 100 Montaditos’ U.S. Operator Strikes Deal to Emerge From Bankruptcy

Daily Business Review: 7/8/2015
100 Montaditos’ Florida Operator Likely to Emerge from Bankruptcy, New Store Announced

Sun Sentinel: 6/12/2015
Ex-Dolphins Player Faces Charges in Ponzi Scheme